Please visit and READ THE INFORMATION AT THIS LINK FIRST.  If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, email us for your FREE patterns and sewing instructions or read more about our wooden patterns available for purchase below.

Wooden Patterns?!  Whaaaaa?
Check out the beautiful, true-to-proper-size, long-lasting, professionally-cut wooden patterns that we have available for purchase!  All proceeds go toward our continuing mission to provide diapers for angel families.  DO NOT PURCHASE A WOODEN PATTERN WITHOUT READING THE TERMS OF USE FOR OUR PATTERNS AS LINKED BELOW.  TEENY TEARS IS A CENTRALLY COORDINATED PROJECT, NOT A TYPICAL PATTERN THAT YOU FIND ELSEWHERE ON THE INTERNET.

Before purchasing wooden patterns, CLICK THIS YELLOW LINK AND READ THIS PAGE FIRST.  It will explain our project in great detail.