Diapers from Washington Continued

The diapers that my sister's family and friends made arrived! It was very important to my sister that their first batch of diapers be donated to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Dex's name. We were honored to do so.

96 beautiful diapers made with love. That is 48 sets of diapers for 48 little angels and their families.

Sadly, these 96 diapers plus our previous 76 diaper donation will not even fill their needs for one year. How is that for a startling statistic? Just at UVRMC, they dress approximately 100 stillborn infants per year (that is 200 diapers). A significant number of them are, of course, preemies and micropreemies for whom commercial diapers are far too large.

I like to deliver the diapers with a handful of cards (just printed on card stock) tucked inside so that the photographers or support staff know where they can request more. I also think it's nice to let them know what specific family or group made them or contributed to their creation. Email me if you'd like some. I can personalize them for your delivery.
Interestingly, I have completely abandoned my original opinion on flannel pattern recommendations. I used to think it would really only work best if the flannel had only tiny little patterns. Seeing these pink and yellow diapers with the big patterns caused me to ditch that notion on the spot. How cute are they? Looks like any cute flannel will work!
Thank you for the beautiful diapers!