Request Diapers

If you would like to request a donation of diapers for your hospital or *bereavement support organization, please email

Please let us know approximately how many angels you dress annually so that we can send you an appropriate number of diapers.  Our "small" diapers fit infants between approximately 18-23 weeks.  The "large" diapers between about 24-32 weeks.
*We have recently increased our qualification criteria for all non-hospital bereavement support organizations that receive diapers from our Teeny Tears headquarters. While we will continue to carefully consider all requests, in our effort to best serve the families of the angel community, our priority donations will now go to those support organizations that have legal non-profit status OR to those that have an extensive and public proven track record and history of their dealings and donations within the bereavement community.

At this time we are unable to fulfill requests for diapers to individual families.  We donate only to hospitals and bereavement support organizations.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


We are also able to accept requests for Teeny Tunics through the Teeny Tears project!

Have you visited Angel Outfitters, a division of Teeny Tears that specializes in providing itty bitty buntings for little ones lost between 14-19 weeks gestation?   Visit their website and request buntings for your hospital here!: