Our boys were born at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in November of 2008. Heather Walker, tender grief specialist extraordinaire, arrived at the hospital before the sun rose to care for our family in our time of shock and grief. She dressed our beautiful Dex in a handmade itsy bitsy blue gown and took photographs for us. To our great pleasure and surprise, she managed to get a few pictures of Dex in an isolette with his twin brother, Crew. They are the only photos we will ever have of them together in this life. We count these precious pictures and the gown he wore among our greatest family treasures.

Because of our experience that morning and throughout our 3-month NICU adventure, we have always wanted to donate to UVRMC. Today we make that personal promise a reality.

We sewed 28 tiny little boy diapers
20 tiny little girl diapers
14 larger boy diapers
And 14 larger girl diapers
That is 76 diapers for 38 little angels gone too soon.