Teeny Tears Nappies!

A wonderful organization based in the United Kingdom sent me an email last week indicating their desire to incorporate Teeny Tears diapers into angel packages for families suffering the loss of babies from early miscarriage all the way through the neonatal period.  Upon Butterfly Wings has shared the pattern with their bereavement crafters; Teeny Tears diapers nappies will now make their way into hospitals and funeral homes for tiny angels across the pond!

One of my new British friends, Pinks, sews for Upon Butterfly Wings through her own organization, Little Baby and Co.  She focuses on providing keepsake boxes for parents who have been affected by early miscarriage.

She was able to shrink the Teeny Tears pattern down to a quarter of the normal size for this purpose. While babies born small enough and early enough to fit this diaper are generally too delicate to dress for burial beyond a bunting, this tiny little diaper will be absolutely perfect for Pinks' keepsake memory boxes.

You can see the difference in size. The top diaper is the very very very small diaper, the bottom diaper is our small pattern. Pinks made the diapers out of a ribbed jersey fabric.
Thank you, Lucy and Pinks!