For Love of Arianna

I received an unexpected package of beautiful diapers in the mail last week from a group of 8-11 year old Activity Days Girls from the LDS Church in West Jordan, Utah. I was very touched. This is the letter that came with the diapers; it speaks for itself:

My dear young friends, let me assure you that your diapers are absolutely perfect and they they will be a blessing and a tender mercy to the families who receive them.  Thank you.

When my friend Melissa J. donated fabric during her visit, one of the pieces was leftover fabric that she had used to make a quilt for Arianna, a friend's beloved daughter who passed away unexpectedly from SIDS several years ago.
When I received the diapers from the Activity Days girls, I immediately thought of Arianna and wanted to donate these 38 diapers to the University of Utah in Arianna's memory. The morning after I received the unexpected package, I emailed Melissa to ask her whether her friend would be ok with a donation in Arianna's name. What I did not know was that the morning I asked happened to be the day of Arianna's 4th angelversary.

I may not have known, but Someone Else always seems to know these things.  Sending love to the entire Terhune family during this tender time of year.


Heather B said...

BEAUTIFUL. Made me cry again :)

Holbergs said...

Wow! This post was touching. Made me cry. It's so sweet to read about these young girls helping out such an amazing cause!

-Leticia Holberg
(Cyndi Hendrickson's sis)

AmberTerhune said...

My name is Amber, and I am Arianna's mom. Thank you so much for donating these diapers in Arianna's name.
What a wonderful thing you are doing with these diapers.
Thank you again,
Amber Terhne