For Love of Carter, Sleepless in Seattle

When my friend Jana emailed me for the first time about making diapers, I learned that she was raising a TTTS single surviving former micropreemie.  Naturally, I assumed that she had crossed paths with me in the TTTS Facebook groups. Not so! She found me on Pinterest and the rest of our commonalities are mere "happenstance". If I believed in "happenstance". And I don't really.

Last Christmas Jana donated stockings and gift bags to her local NICU.  Teeny little diapers were right up her alley.  Jana is actually combining two of her projects into one at the moment (and writes about it in a way that cracks me up).  Check it out!

Jana and I have spent many (many) wee hours of the night online together brainstorming, obsessing over our mutual "flannel habit", and having grand diapering fantasies.  She has great visions for Washington!  (Consider this a shameless call for volunteers and donors in the Great Northwest.  She can use any and all donated flannel, tracing, cutting, or sewing assistance that she can get to take Washington by storm!  For real!)

Jana is donating her very first set of 60 diapers to the angels born at St. Joseph's of Bellingham, Washington. They have been created in memory of Jana's son, Carter Garen Kimmel.

This is Carter's twin brother, Cohen.  He and Carter would have fit in that teeny little diaper when they were born.  He's Jana's right-hand baby in the project (as you can read on their blog).
 All packed up and ready to go!


The Kimmels said...

Love it!! Especially the Sleepless in Seattle :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Abbie and I got to your blog through Jana's. I think what you're doing is AMAZING! Bring on the diapers to the Northwest! :) You guys are an inspiration to those around you! I do not have children, and cannot even try to imagine the loss of a child, but I do think that things like the diapers and the stockings truly make a difference to those going through what will probably be the hardest thing they've ever had to deal with. Thanks for all you do!