My Unsung Hero

On Halloween night in 2003, I dashed to my front door with a candy-filled mixing bowl, ready to greet my first trick or treaters! I met instead my lovely new neighbor, Shannan, who had just moved in across the street, but didn't yet have hot water (and needed some). I foisted some candy into her pockets anyway.  She was my only trick or treater that year.

In the nine ensuing years, we have each had our share of triumphs and heartbreaks, blessings and challenges.  No matter how crazy life gets, I know that my tears and laughter are always welcome on her couch. We share a morbid sense of humor and she is my safe, beloved friend.

Shannan fills a unique and important role for Teeny Tears. She has been behind the scenes for months, quietly shipping all of our diapers for us. She suspected the need and generously offered her resources to The Cause. It has really allowed our project to expand to help many more families. I quite truly could not do this without her and am extremely grateful for her sacrifice.

Shannan is passion, grace, strength, determination, and dignity. For so many reasons, she is my unsung hero.

Shannan is the proud owner and operator of Jo-Sha Wipes.

"Originally developed as a natural way to clean yoga mats, Jo-Sha Wipes have gained popularity in hotels, spas, and with anyone looking for a quick and soothing way to freshen up. From cleaning hands and feet to fitness equipment, they cleanse and naturally disinfect while the subtle aromatherapy soothes the senses."

They. are. awesome.  You should get some.  For real.

So, I guess you could say that not only are these wipes deliciously, naturally, soothingly cleansing, but they are also proud sponsors of the cutest little bereavement diapers you ever did see.