Nappies Across the Pond

The volunteer teams for Upon Butterfly Wings and Little Baby and Co have been making nappies for the angel babies in the United Kingdom.

These wonderful women do so much for grieving families across the pond in providing burial clothing, blankets, memory boxes, handcrafted remembrance items, and other expressions of love for angel families. 

Visit their websites or find them on Facebook!

Upon Butterfly Wings

Little Baby and Co


Heather B said...

I can't believe how small that one is by the penny!

Megan B ♥ said...

I know, right? So teeny so sweet!! She shrunk it down to 1/4 of the normal size for mamas to have something for their early term miscarriages.

Mom said...

I guess compassion is an international thing. I never imagined such a sweet thing could bring comfort to those whose hearts are so broken. I wish there had been something like that available for my mother. The hurt she had from a stillbirth was palpable even 40 years later. Back then the general thinking was "if you don't talk about it it will all go away". We know that certainly isn't true.