Angel Babies

The very very very first diapers that I donated last autumn went to a volunteer photographer for NILMDTS named Heidi whom I am now fortunate enough to call "my friend Heidi".  Heidi is a registered nurse, angel mama, volunteer bereavement photographer, and the mastermind behind Angel Babies.  After losing her beloved Elizabeth Jane, she started Angel Babies to provide brochures, links, personal stories, patterns, and other practical resources to better help parents coping with late pregnancy and infant loss.  She also gathers and creates precious burial clothing and other remembrance items for angels of all sizes and gestations.

Hosting a monthly sewing event in her home is one of the many wonderful things that Heidi does to support the angel families in her local community.  Heidi and her dedicated team of crafters spend their time creating items that will bring comfort to grieving families: blankets, gowns, kimonos, hats, bunting, memory boxes, tiny bracelets, headbands, and diapers.
This photo represents a few of the approximately 72 diapers that the Angel Babies team created at their most recent sewing event!

Find out more about Angel Babies by visiting their website.