Hospitals are always in need of appropriately-sized blankets for their tiny angels and some of our volunteers like to provide them along with their diapers. I am often asked what those "appropriate sizes" are.

 Some Popular Sizes for Microreemies and Preemies Are:
12 x 12 inches
18 x 18 inches

When our volunteers make blankets to specifically coordinate with individual diaper sets, they often use:
Anything between 10 x 10 inches and 15 x 15 inches to go with the small sets
Anything between 16 x 16 inches and 22 x 22 inches to go with the large sets

What Materials Should I Use?
All materials are welcome for bereavement blankets. Flannel, cotton, quilted, crocheted, knitted, knits. Whatever your skills and resources are, blankets bless families!  We recommend against fleece for the tiniest blankets, as the fuzz gets stuck on their usually damp skin.  And if you use cotton, please use flannel on one side that is the soft side against their extra fragile angel baby skin. 

If using flannel, or other sewing material, we recommend the blankets be double thickness. Sometimes these little angels have extra fluid so a little thickness would be nice. Knitted blankets are also great, especially if they are slightly muted in color and fairly tightly woven. Contact us at for more information.

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