Lollipops and Notions!

We received a donation of absolutely breathtaking cotton prints from the Lollipops and Notions Etsy Shop! 
Vanessa transformed these beautiful prints into 39 itty bitty teeny tiny blankets for the teeniest angels we serve:
She backed them with coordinating flannel to make them soft and cozy against fragile angel skin.
Beautiful, vibrant patterns like this Happy Panda fabric...
 I'm diggin' these sweet stripes...
Lovely, tender little boy polka dots and little girl polka dots...
Vanessa made 17 blankets that are 11 x 13 inches;  22 blankets that are 10 x 10 inches.
These 39 teeny blankets have been donated to Jordan Valley Medical Center, Pioneer Valley Hospital and Tooele Hospital in memory of Adam, Cayla, and Marley Pollard.
"Thank you for the lovely blankets! I have been looking for something sweet and small for our tiniest babies. These will be perfect and their quality is exquisite. 

It is so important that quality bereavement programs exist to bring closure to parents. It doesn't matter the stage of loss. A baby that is confirmed and expected always brings bereavement and loss issues that are substantial. 

We like to think that we offer a unique and dedicated service to our families that includes pictures, hand and foot molds, pastoral support, and bereavement follow up with SHARE parents of Utah, teddy bears from the Peace Bear organization, and beautiful blankets and clothing, diapers, and bracelets from organizations such as yours that give tangible memories for our families. 

For this I thank you personally from our families because there always comes a time when they stop and look lovingly at their baby wrapped in these beautiful things. They then say, 'Who does all of this? It is so helpful and thoughtful. That is so sweet.' " Bereavement Coordinator

THANK YOU to Lollipops and Notions for your generous contribution to the grieving families for whom these important little tokens will mean so much.

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