Paying it Forward for Angel Babies

Being a part of Teeny Tears has been such an honor and a privilege.  I have met some of the most magnificent people through this project.  I have witnessed miracles.  I have been astounded by the generosity and goodness of so many.  

I recently received pictures and a very beautiful email from an angel mother that adopted Teeny Tears for an annual memorial service project:

"Three years ago I gave birth to my beautiful boy via emergency c-section. I was bleeding and the doctors were concerned when they couldn't get the contractions to stop. Easton's heart rate was dropping and we felt that the safest choice was to deliver him early. He was only 34 weeks old but he was strong and doing really well! I loved holding my tiny baby and softly singing to him- precious moments that have been etched in my memory forever. 

 On the third day of my hospital stay, a nurse came in to my room early in the morning to wake me and my husband up. She told us that there had been a change with our son's health and that they had been performing CPR on our son but they were afraid that they were going to lose him. We quickly rushed to the NICU to be with our little boy. I remember holding his tiny hand and watching as the machines recorded his final heartbeat. I was heartbroken. For unknown reasons (the autopsy came back without answers) my son only lived for three days. 

 Shortly after my son passed away, ladies from SHARE and NILMDTS came to offer their support in the hospital. They took priceless pictures of my angel, molds of his hands and feet, and offered words of comfort and guidance. Their support during this trying time was so greatly appreciated. 

While preparing for the funeral, I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support from family, friends, and strangers. Dinners were delivered to our home, flowers were delivered, ribbon corsages were made for the family to wear at the funeral, burial clothes were donated, blankets to wrap around my sweet angel were made, anonymous envelopes with money were delivered to help cover the cost of the funeral, and so much more.  My husband and I knew that we could never repay every act of kindness, so in memory of our Easton we decided to "pay it forward" each year on his birthday as a gift to him. 

When I came across the Teeny Tears website, I immediately knew that this would be the project that we would support for Easton's third birthday. Word quickly spread to family and friends that we were in need of fabric, safety pins, thread, etc. Our goal was to create 100 diapers. Again, the outpouring of support was amazing! Two friends took the donated material and began cutting, ironing, and pinning the fabric together so that it would be ready for our sewing day. Many friends showed up on the Saturday to cut, sew, turn the material inside out, iron, and then sew some more. It was amazing! Many of the participants had angel losses of their own.  Some recent, others more than 20 years ago.

 We had countless yards of fabric donated so many hands took the fabric home to continue making diapers. A few short weeks after our sewing day, we met again to sort and pair up the diapers and then package them for delivery. All together we made 220 diapers! The diapers were donated to SHARE of Davis County

Word has spread about this project and now many other groups of women will be getting together to create more Teeny Tears diapers in the next few months. It was an honor to make such special diapers in memory of my sweet angel. 

The diapers were made in memory of: Easton L. Kroeger, Eden Peterson, Emery Crookston, Jeffery Nilsson, and other babies gone too soon."


Baby Easton's foot.