A Little Thunder

Quite often when someone gets bitten by the diapering bug, it spreads to the whole family (and friendship circle, neighborhood, community, etc, ahem....)  Such has certainly been the case for Diaper Diva Vanessa.  This picture of her mother and grandparents flipping diapers together on a summer evening makes me smile!
Thanks to the grand sewing efforts of Vanessa and her family, we were able to donate 240 diapers to A Little Thunder, a wonderful bereavement support organization located in Missouri that provides comfort boxes to local parents experiencing unexpected tragedy from the loss of a baby, either before or shortly after birth.

A Little Thunder was established in memory of Isaac Thor Bryson and these precious little diapers have been donated in his name to the angel babies his family serves.  You can read Isaac's story here.

We donated larger diapers...
And we donated itty bitty diapers...
In memory of Isaac.  Because a person's a person, no matter how small.
To find out more about the important work that A Little Thunder does in Missouri and Kansas, you can find their website here.

You can visit them on Facebook here.  Tell them hello!