For Love of Leila

My good friend Cyndi was one of my very very very first TTTS friends.  She too is raising a single surviving identical twin.  I love this gal and her wonderful family; she. is. a. gem.  (And she sounds just the same over the phone as I imagined over the internet, hee hee!)

Several months ago, she mailed me a gorgeous stack of diaper cut-outs for our friend Melissa's angel day.  This summer Cyndi and her sister Leticia learned to sew!  Why?  Because they are on a quest to diaper their local communities!!  Their first delivery of 128 diapers was made in time for Leila's Angel Day.  

These precious diapers and beautiful blankets were handcrafted by Cyndi, Auntie Leticia, and several beloved neighbors and friends that love the Hendrickson family and their little angel.  
These diapers and blankets have been made in memory of Leila Marie Hendrickson and have been donated for the angel families at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.
This is Leila's awesome big sister, Solana and her surviving identical twin sister (and miracle micropreemie) Chloe. Sending our love to the Hendrickson family during this tender time of year and always. xoxo
You can read more about Leila's special angel day and see more pictures by clicking here.  You can follow the many adventures of this fun little family on their blog!