Diapers for Dex -- The Preemie Project

We received a special surprise donation recently from Blackfoot, Idaho!  Dex's Grandma Bradshaw and Great-Grandma Bradshaw sewed beautiful diapers in memory of our very own little angel.  Every morning, Grandma Ann cut out diaper pieces and left them on the counter when she went to work.  Great-Grandma Julia sewed them up while she was gone.  Just like the elves and the shoemaker.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. Great-Grandma's eyesight is not what it used to be and I know that her participation in this project was a significant sacrifice and a true labor of love.
Aren't they gorgeous?  26 "large" diapers...

And 40 teeny tiny diapers

Dex's cousin Karlee came to visit and wanted to help tie the sets together with ribbon!
All ribboned up into sets of two; one diaper for the angel baby, the other for the family to keep in a memory box.
These are Dex's siblings.  That's big brother Tanner and big sister Kinley (my dedicated diapering gal!)  The little one is Dex's surviving identical twin brother and our miracle micropreemie, Crew.
Memorial Day visit to the cemetery.  Miss you, love you, darling Dex.
I took this picture with the diaper on Crew and Dex's 3rd birthday, November 10, 2011, the day we launched Teeny Tears.  What began as a personal labor of love has blossomed beyond my wildest expectations.
We now have a busy little Facebook group filled with volunteers around the world who are gathering their families, friends, neighbors, churches, and communities to serve Heavenly Father’s tiniest children and their bereaved families. Some are making small, one-time donations; others are diaper addicts!  All are welcome!  As an inexpensive, simple, unique, educational, and meaningful service opportunity, our diapers are being sewn by families, sewing clubs, youth groups, church service committees, Eagle Projects, Angel Mother grief support organizations, and more.  Together we have sewn in memory of many beloved angels and donated more than 5,000 diapers for more than 2,500 angels.

Many of our volunteers are parents of angels themselves, finding healing and comfort as they work on these diapers for others who are walking the path they have previously trod. They understand the value of the diapers, knowing how much they cherish each and every memento of their own angel. Angel parents often only have one opportunity to bathe, dress, and hold their baby in this life. When arms are left empty, mementos of this precious time together can help ease the pain. This is a very joyful project that is changing lives for the better, both the givers and the receivers.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this!

We have chosen to send these precious diapers to The Preemie Project, where they will be given to the angel families of Des Moines, Iowa.
The Preemie Project is a fantastic organization that seeks to provide much-needed comfort and support to critically ill infants and their families in newborn intensive care units in Iowa.  They also provide bereavement clothing and items of remembrance to grieving families who have suffered a loss.

To find out more about The Preemie Project, click here!

And find them on Facebook here!

Thank you, Grandma and Great-Grandma!  xoxo