For Love of Aurora

Teeny Tears wouldn't work without the generous hearts and willing hands of our volunteers.  Some of these volunteers are personal friends of mine and I am terribly grateful for their contributions of time, expense, and talents to the angel babies we serve.

The diapers you see in this post were a collaborative effort.  My online NICU friend Aimee donated money for fabric.  My long lost (and recently reunited) middle school friend Shasta cut the fabric into diaper pieces.  I gave half of those diaper pieces to my friend and next door neighbor friend and angel mama J.R. to transform into perfect little finished diapers.  Then my friend from my old neighborhood Shannan shipped those diapers to Texas.  And THAT is just one small example of how Teeny Tears keeps chugging along.  It takes an army.
Then my sweet neighbor friend Angie donated some soft baby flannel, which J.R. also turned into diapers!
Well, then.  Once J.R. sampled the joys of diapering, she was h-o-o-k-e-d.  In fact, the whole family has fallen into the diapering addiction!  Oh, the stories and pictures I could (and will) share!

She bought this fun fabric to kick off her new flannel habit!  She slipped them into the return pile like I wouldn't notice.  As if.
On a more tender note, the 98 diapers in this beautiful collection of cooperative diapering have all been donated in memory of J.R.'s beloved little girl Aurora Knudson, who passed away  more than 20 years ago when she was born without kidneys.  They will serve the angel families of Memorial Hermann of Houston, Texas through Threads of Love.

THANK YOU, J.R., Shannan, Shasta, Aimee, and Angie!  I am humbled and blessed to have such amazing people in my life.  They are a blessing to angel families everywhere.