Mollianna's Mission Part #2

My next door neighbors are serious diaper addicts.  They have "the sickness".  Bad.

They are not at all into glory seeking or public adoration, but I just. can't. help. myself.  Their devotion to angel babies everywhere is such a blessing.  In the future, I will try to be less effusive in my accolades, but just this once they must receive their due.

Meet Steve: cutter, trimmer, flipper!  He's a diaper addict every bit as hard core as his awesome wife.  Even the flannel pajamas at Costco catch his eye...

And our amazing J.R. with the pups!  (You better believe I am going to catch some serious grief for swiping this off her Facebook page!  But I love her and I think she's so cute.)
Diapers, diapers everywhere....
Every few weeks, J.R. shows up on my doorstep with a box of diapers like this.
They never care where they go; they always know that their teeny diapers will find their way to an angel family somewhere in the world that needs them.  And they do.

We were able to send 80 of their beautiful diapers to Mollianna's Mission in memory of Mollianna Mae Matthews.  Mollianna's Mission was established to benefit families suffering from pregnancy and infant loss by providing assistance with financial expenses for an honorable headstone, and to provide free remembrance cards and grief support packages.
THANK YOU!!  And I will behave myself in the future.  I pinky promise  :)