Saddle Mountain Fabric -- For Love of Baby Killon

Brenda from Saddle Mountain Fabric made a very special donation of diapers in memory of her little one.  She provided 110 diapers for Forsyth Hospital of Winston-Salem, North Carolina in memory of Baby Killon.

When we approached her about our diapering project, she had been praying for a way to get involved with volunteering and helping others, but didn't really know where she could fill a need. With Matthew 25:14-46 as her inspiration, she wanted to use her ability to sew and make a difference to someone.

This is Brenda's story in her own words:

"I did not have any flannel to donate but I decided to buy some flannel locally and sew diapers. I was also very interested in this particular group because my husband and I had lost our first child to miscarriage. Losing our child is something that we really do not talk publicly about at all. Only our close friends and family are probably even aware that we lost our child. I have a lot of memories from that time, some good and some bad. 

I really appreciated the visits from friends and family and remember the kindness shown to me, but three comments made to me really stick out. One is of someone telling me 'I am sure you did everything you could,' which made me feel like there must have been something that I did wrong. The second was of someone telling me when they asked me to explain medically what happened 'I have never heard of that,' in a tone which made me feel like they doubted my word. 

The third vivid memory is of a friend, the only person who spoke of my lost baby as a real person, telling me that we would meet in Heaven and that my baby was with Jesus. Only one person acknowledged that my baby was a person. While I my baby was lost at 10 weeks and would have been too small to wear one of the Teeny Tears diapers, a person IS a person no matter how small. So, my hope is that these small diapers will let the parents know that there are many people out there who know that their baby was, and is, a person."
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