For Love of Mara

When Mara's mommy contacted me to see if we had any participating hospitals in her area, it was such a blessing for the angel families in her community.  As it turns out, we had a high-risk and high-bereavement-need hospital on our waiting list that was just 10 minutes down the road from their family.

Her water broke just shy of 21 weeks and Mara Grace was born silently to this world in on May 30th of this year, 2012.  No medical reasons were found, no answers given.  Her grieving family just passed the tender day of what would have been her due date on October 5th.  To honor her sweet memory, Mara's family donated 100 diapers to the angel families of Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

"I think I would most like to say thank you to Teeny Tears for giving me something to do in my daughter's memory.  The hours I have spent cutting, sewing and preparing these diapers has been one of the most therapeutic things for me in my grieving process.  I really believe sewing these diapers helped me grieve and comforted me at the same time. While I hate to think of anyone else going through what we did, I hope that having a homemade diaper for their precious bundle helps in some small way.

My hobby is sewing for my children (I have three living children) and this project has allowed me to continue making things in Mara's memory so I do not feel she is being left out.  It has been a saving grace." ~Katrina, Mara's Mommy

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Stephanie Diesing said...

I am a recently bereaving mother of twin boys. My sons were born on March 24, 2014 at 24 weeks. They both suffered complications of brain hemmorages, resulting in Domenic Anthony becoming an angel on April 2nd and William Robert joining his brother on April 22nd. I sew and upon making my boys shadow boxes with their things (including a diaper for each of them) I decided to check out this website. My boys were blessed with diapers in which they were buried in made by you in memory of your Mara Grace. Thank you for your time, effort, and tears. I will now begin to touch other families that will encounter the heartache we have experienced by giving back, in hopes to provide them with some comfort as you helped comfort my family and I. Thank you!