For Love of Matthew -- You Are My Child

Recently, the good folks at You Are My Child received a special delivery in memory of Matthew Lee Millner (see more pictures), who passed away in a car accident in September of 2010.  His mother Lara has chosen to honor his life with acts of kindness.  She has tirelessly sewn 57 blankets and diaper sets for You Are My Child's memory box program.
You Are My Child creates memory boxes for families who experience a miscarriage or stillbirth. They are filled with items that others wished they had or needed during their stay in the hospital. Their boxes offer both practical and emotional support to help families in their grieving process, both during their stay and once home. This project was launched in memory of Nathan Allen Stephens.

"For most families, once the pregnancy test comes back positive... you begin to make plans for that child. You imagine how they will fit into your life, what they'll look like, etc. When you lose that child, your hopes and dreams for that child are shattered. The only memories to remember when they're gone, are the pregnancy and the brief moments after delivery. Depending on the gestation, some never experience delivery to see or even know the gender of their child. For a lot of families, there are no photographs or physical mementos to even acknowledge their child existed."

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