Pishamitas Con Amor -- Teeny Tears in Guatemala

When the English Family learned of a special request we had received from Pishamitas con Amor in Guatemala, they contacted me immediately.  Having already made a donation in their hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, they had been quietly preparing a sizable collection of diapers and blankets for angel families elsewhere.  Within a week, they were ready to send a shipment of 318 diapers and 159 coordinating blankets for angel families in Guatemala City.
Meet Michele.  She serves as head seamstress!  She is an inspirational woman, to put it mildly.

David (sitting) and Hannah are 13-years-old!  David cuts and Hannah is Co-Manager of the English Family Teeny Tears Sewing Club.  She does everything except sit at the sewing machine!   Jesse (blue shirt) is 12 years old.  He is the team computer geek, card printer, pin puller, trimmer, and ironer!
This is Mary Beth and she is also 13 years old!!  She serves as treasurer and does everything except sewing!
These precious and beautiful boys are 11-year old identical twins Adam and Aaron.  They struggle with moderate to severe autism and support the team by serving as "gophers" for the project.
The English Family children are dedicated to providing blankets with every. single. diaper. set.  They love their own blankets so much and believe that all children--including the special angel babies we serve--should have a blanket that is just for them.

"While we were working many late nights, my husband was talking to our daughter, Mary Beth, as she worked on some diapers. He told her that he thought what we were doing was wonderful and she wasn't building treasure on earth because she would never meet a Teeny Tears angel on earth. Instead, she was building treasure in heaven because when she gets there they will thank her for making the only earthly clothes they ever wore."
"Large" diaper and blanket sets:
 Teeny tiny little diaper and blanket sets:
Let me introduce you to the wonderful Pishamitas con Amor organization that serves the families of Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City.  The primary mission of PcA is to provide clothing and immediate necessities for newborns in poor families that are discharged from the hospital, including a significant number of preemies who have spent time in the NICU.  In fact, at the request of Maco from PcA, Michele greatly enlarged our pattern for the volunteers at Pishamitas so that they may donate reusable cloth diapers for these sweet mothers for whom commercial diapers are so expensive.  Thanks to the English Family, they are also now very pleased to be able to provide teeny little bereavement diapers and blankets for the angel families at Roosevelt. "Pishamitas con Amor (Newborn Pajamas with Love) is a collection of baby clothes (newborn to 6 months) that are in good condition and can be reused for newborn babies. The baby clothes are given to volunteer groups that visit hospitals and health centers/clinics and then are given directly to mother's with new babies.

Our group actually supports a group of volunteers at the Roosevelt Hospital that not only donate baby clothes but also personal hygiene items for the mothers. The purpose of the volunteers' visit to the hospital is not only to help with food and clothing donations, but to also honor every mother in her role as being the most important person to educate and take care of her baby.

In the beginning, the group only donated personal hygiene sets, but the volunteers realized that there was a great necessity for baby clothes; this is how Pishamitas con Amor was started. Not only do we collect one-piece pajamas, but also blankets, socks and hats. It is very important that the donated clothing are only sizes 0 - 6 months.

All of the donated clothing is washed and put in bags with two diapers. Pishamitas con Amor has a goal of collecting clothing for all the babies that are born in the Roosevelt Hospital.

Our volunteers also donate some food items like milk boxes and crackers. The hygiene set includes soap, toothbrush, a comb, shampoo and toilet paper.

It is really easy to help. You can help by collecting baby clothes; you could donate your own children's clothing, as well as newborn size diapers, socks, material to make blankets, or even small food items like milk boxes and crackers, etc. If you know how to sew, you can help us make blankets.

We can make a difference, we can help.

We can honor a new life and bless it."

To find out more about the critically important work that Pishamitas con Amor does for the families of Guatemala City, to see more pictures, or to learn how you can support their cause, find them in Facebook!

Thank you, Lisa Lara and Veronica Santos for your translation assistance, making this partnership with Pishamitas con Amor possible!  (We now have distribution cards, staff instruction cards, and full sewing instructions available in Spanish!)