Diapers for Knox Community Hospital

"I feel so blessed to be able to give in this way. Many many family members and friends have suffered losses at many stages in pregnancy, and the losses just break my heart.

My Grandmother, my best friend, told me of the loss of her firstborn, this was back in the time when they didn't intervene, just let nature take its course. She carried their child full term, 2 months after learning his heart had stopped, before delivering him still. She carried that memory all of her life, even through Alzheimer's, and it has stayed with me as well. I don't think she ever had a physical memento of this child and that breaks my heart.

Grandmother was a seamstress, so I know I have her guiding hand and heart in this. I do this in honor of her memory and in honor of all of the angel babies and parents. I also think what we do helps the nurses that guide the families through this terrible time. I have worked in the medical field for many years, not as a nurse, but, I have witnessed the grief they go through with each and every loss. I know they carry every one in their hearts too."  ~Jodi

These 48 diapers have been donated for the angel families at Knox Community Hospital of Mount Vernon, Ohio.