For Love of Blake and Shane Part #8 and #9

When dedicated diaper enthusiast Holly lost power from Frankenstorm Sandy in New Jersey, she used her phone to post this message in our Facebook group:

"How am I going to sew with no power!?!"

Of course, the rest of us were far more concerned about our friend's safety, but it still made us laugh... a lot.  With that kind of diapering attitude, imagine my lack of surprise when a few days after power returned to her home, she informed me that she had two shipments of diapers ready to fly!  Holly, you are awesome.

Holly sent 144 precious bereavement diapers for the families at MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Salem, Massachusetts.
 She sent another 70 diapers to Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.
These diapers have been donated in memory of her sweet boys, Blake and Shane.