For Love of Cassidy Part #3

The team that has taken on rural Utah communities has donated again to commemorate the due date of their angel princess.  Carrie and her friends and family donated 40 diapers to 2 more hospitals, including the facility where Cassidy was born.

Carrie making a delivery.
A thank you card and a gift of memento diapers for the staff that served their family.
"My goal when I first heard about Teeny Tears Diapers, was to have 100 completed by Cassidy's due date. It's only been three months, but my little "Small Town Support Group" has done some great things! We've done a bit more than 100 diapers :)"  ~Carrie
These diapers were donated in memory of Cassidy Jane Austin to Ashley Valley Regional Medical Center in Vernal, Utah and to Uintah Basin Medical Center in Roosevelt, Utah.

"As the sun was going down, I took my boys to the Angel of Hope statue. We released some balloons to their sister, and left a white rose in remembrance of our sweet Cassidy Jane Austin. It was a hard, but beautiful day." ~Carrie