For Love of Tenley

The Sandy Central Stake S.W.A.P. Committee (Sisters with a Purpose), Julie P., The Quilted Castle, and the SLC Diaper Divas recently combined efforts to make a donation of diapers in memory of Tenley Grace Zitting, who passed away July 21, 2011. To read more about Tenley's story and her mommy's journey since her passing, you can visit and follow "A Mother's Love" blog here.

"It amazes me how such a tiny soul can make such an impact on one’s life. I’ve not only seen this once, but I’ve seen this in so many tiny babies. From the moment we find out we are carrying a child or our partner finds out we are with child, our whole life changes. It’s no longer about you; it’s about what’s best for the baby. It becomes a race to become the best parents you can be even before their arrival. You suddenly become selfless and put this tiny beings needs before yours. She touched so many lives in the short life she lived. She’s touched people hearts who don’t even know her or I. She gave me new friendships I would never have without her, and she took away friendships that were meaningless. She taught her mommy so much and definitely came here for so many reasons. She’s made me such a strong woman and learned who I am and who I want to be. She changed the person who I am for the better. I have felt her with me more in the last month than I have ever. She has been with me holding my hand through some of the hardest milestones of grief. She was created to become an angel, she’s mommy’s angel of hope. She’s bringing so many positive people & things to my life. She’s taught me what family means and what beauty is made of. She’s still doing so much and she’s not even here. How is that even possible? She is my angel, my everything, my baby girl."  Hanah, Tenley's mommy.
With fabric from Julie P. (thank you so much!), SLC Diaper Divas Vanessa, Jeannette, and Megan B. made 98 beautiful diapers for the angel families of Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Large ones...
And small ones...
The Sandy Central Stake S.W.A.P Committee ("Sister With a Purpose") transformed fabric from The Quilted Castle into 104 precious diapers for the same facility, Atlanta Medical Center.
Thank you again, Quilted Castle, for making a donation of diapers possible!
All 202 diapers have been donated in memory of sweet Tenley and the legacy she leaves behind.

"There are mothers who give birth to babies, too good for this world of men. ... They touch our lives for a moment, then travel Home again."