Message from Grandma Carol

Teeny Tears ambassador Carol is a special angel grandma who tirelessly sews her heart out in the great Northwest for angel babies everywhere.  She sews in  memory of her grandson, Carter.
"I had heard that friends we have gone to church with for many years were expecting a grandchild. We had known their daughter through growing up in church. Our husbands work together. This couple was young, married, and they were expecting their first daughter. We then heard there were problems with the baby and then we heard that the baby had died at approximately 16 weeks. 

When I heard that news, I felt we needed to go over and tell them how sorry we were. I had been working on diapers, so I took 2 tiny pink diapers and Jana made me cards. I wanted to leave one with Gramma and one with mom and dad. We stopped at the Gramma's house; they were all there. I gave them the diapers. We said we were sorry, hugged, cried and left. 

It was a very short visit. I saw the look on their faces: the grief, anguish, sorrow, tears, what if, and why. I have been thinking of them ever since. I wake up and night and think of them and pray for them. Does this affect any of you this way? I have been staying up till 11 at night sewing diapers. I am always in bed by 9:30!! These folks are just beginning their journey of grief. Thanksgiving, Christmas. 

I am thankful for Teeny Tears. Do I grieve? Yes. Am I sad Carter is not here with us?  Yes. Is there an empty place in our family circle? Yes. Am I SAD the country needs so many thousands of tiny diapers a year?  YES.  But I have a way of turning that grief into something positive. I know seeing YOUR babies NAME on a card is acknowledging he WAS here and WAS so very important, and a PERSON!! 

After we gave them the diapers, our friend said, 'Carter and Cohen and your whole family are making a difference in people's lives.' 

 Actually: Teeny Tears has made the difference in OUR lives!"

Thank you, Carol, for everything you do to bless the lives of angel families!