Teeny Love In The Triangle

Once upon a time, I (Megan B.) was a digital scrapbooker. Megan K. was also a digital scrapbooker that followed my blog and downloaded my free templates.  When my life became, er, "complicated", I left the scrapbooking world to pursue our family adventures.  Unbeknownst to me, she began following our NICU and loss journey and remained a lurking stalker for some time  :)

Megan K. and her friends wanted to contribute to the diapering cause in their community!  Just call these awesome gals "Angel Threads" in The Triangle, North Carolina.

"We are all connected by motherhood and the joys and pains of this most challenging privilege. I can only hope to provide some small piece of solace for a mother enduring something I can only imagine. 

These diapers will be made with love, in honor of Samuel, Nicholas, Dex, and in honor of my friends who have had losses earlier on in pregnancy, yet still know a heartbreak that only a mother can know.  Thank you for this opportunity to find gratitude even in the most challenging moments of motherhood."  ~Megan K.

These diapers have been donated to the Children's Hospital of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.
"I was very inspired by how many people wanted to help, even though it was only ever a small group that could get together with lots of mommy schedules." 
"It filled my heart to deliver those diapers, knowing that this small token would provide a memento for families facing an entirely unexpected tragedy surrounding a sweet baby with whom they had already fallen in love. Sadly, the 65 pairs we delivered won't be enough to fill the hospital's need for a full year. It makes my heart heavy to know that at this one hospital, about 100 families per year have to go through such heartache. So - more diapers are yet to come!" Megan K.