The Preemie Project, From Dex's Cousins

'Diapers for Dex', from Aunt Heather, Uncle Jason, and the Beauchamp Cousins

"Four years ago our little twin nephews were born, much too early at 28 weeks.  They were victims of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) and Dex did not survive, while Crew spent months in the NICU fighting for his life.  That day began an emotional journey of healing for my sister's family, and for their extended family as well.  One year ago, my sister launched an incredible service organization called Teeny Tears, which provides tiny, handmade, flannel bereavement diapers to be given to families who suffer this devastating loss.

They are truly blessing the least of God's children, and their families, through their time, love, and service, not to mention helping many who have walked this road before, to heal themselves as they want to turn around and bless others that come after them.  (Please click on the following links, as they tell the story much better than I can in my own words.  Our other sister, Courtney, wrote a wonderful post about Teeny Tears, and Teeny Tears was also featured on Life After NICU.)

Our family wanted to make some diapers to surprise Megan on their birthday, and to donate to a hospital in need.  We worked all through General Conference week-end to make one batch.

And then later in the following weeks to make another batch.  Even children can help!

This project has become so much a part of our family over the last year since it's launch, and we got really excited to do this.

The tiny little diaper sets, tied together in pairs.

All ready for shipping!
We love you so much, Megan and your beautiful family.  And we love you, Crew, you sweet little miracle.  And we love you, Dex, our precious little Angel cousin.  All of our love!"  ~Dex's Aunt Heather

These 88 precious little diapers have been donated to The Preemie Project! The Preemie Project is a fantastic organization that seeks to provide much-needed comfort and support to critically ill infants and their families in newborn intensive care units in Iowa. They also provide bereavement clothing and items of remembrance to grieving families who have suffered a loss.