Alaskan Angels

Inspired by Carrie's service to the rural areas of Utah, one of our volunteers decided that the Alaskan angel families needed Teeny Tears diapers too!  She picked up the phone and called the northwestern-most state of the union to offer her little treasures! Because a hospital is a hospital, no matter how small.... or cold!

She made her first Alaskan diaper delivery to the rural hospital of Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau, Alaska.  These 20 diapers have been donated in memory of all angel babies gone too soon.
These diapers have been donated for the angel families at Kanakanak hospital in Dillingham, Alaska.
These little gifts went to Norton Sound Regional in Nome, Alaska.
And these have been sent for the angel families of Petersburg Medical Center in Petersburg, Alaska.
90 diapers for the Alaskan angel babies and their families. Thank you, A.M., for all of the wonderful ways you bless the lives of angel families everywhere!