Diapers for Kaiser Permanente of Orange County

We had a sweet volunteer contact us from California, willing and eager to create diapers for angel families.  Thank you so much, Kate, Tamra, and Maddie!!  They adopted a hospital request on our waiting list! Kaiser Permanente of Orange County is a worthy facility that goes the extra mile to do everything they can for grieving angel families in their care.

"Here are the photos from our adventure!  I recruited my sister-in-law Tamra and 14-year old Maddie (a girl from our church's young women youth program) to help me with the diaper project.  The three of us made this batch of diapers.  However, we now have many others who are interested, so after the holidays we have some sewing nights scheduled to make more diapers!
We all went to Kaiser to deliver the diapers together.  We weren't really sure what to expect; we thought we might just be dropping them off.  We met with Colleen, who turned out to be the sweetest lady ever!  She was so excited about the diapers and so grateful and appreciative.  She brought us around and showed the tiny diapers to her coworkers and everyone was so impressed and so excited. 
Colleen sat us down in her little office and showed us a slide show of everything that the hospital does for bereaved families and talked about the staff training that they do.  They even train their nurses to make these tiny beaded name bracelets and have beading kits at the nurses stations.  It was pretty impressive.  After meeting Colleen, I was ready to switch my insurance and go to Kaiser!  I'm sure many hospitals have similar programs in place, but we were really impressed.

They also have a little courtyard with a memorial stone and fountain -- each year they have a memorial service and invite the families that have lost precious little ones.  It was a very sweet experience and we are all excited to get more diapers done!"   ~Kate  
Thank you again to Kate, Tamra, and Maddie for the beautiful collection of precious diapers you provided so selflessly!  And thank you, Colleen, for serving your angel families with such compassion, devotion, and love!