Diapers in Calgary, Alberta!

The mastermind behind 3 Little Thimbles is using her sewing gifts to bless angel families in Calgary, Alberta -- rallying her community to the cause along the way!

"I have never had the tragedy of losing a baby; I had a few scares in my first two pregnancies but was blessed with 3 amazing children (3 in 2 1/2 years...and no -- none are twins!). I decided in September to start my own sewing business out of my home, where I could sew things for babies, which I have always loved doing. The response was amazing and a dream come true. But I felt like I should be giving back to my community and that when I came across Teeny Tears. Someone had posted the link on a page that I was on and the second I read what Teeny Tears did I knew I wanted to help! My uncle was born with two heart chambers 40+ years ago and my Oma had no idea anything was wrong until he passed at 3 days old. It still plagues her and I have seen first hand her mourn that loss even to this day. So losing an infant has always been close to my heart...especially seeing loved ones go through the pains of miscarriage.

So I took on the project of supplying the Calgary area with diapers! But I did not do it alone! I organized 2 evenings with women from my church and friends to meet and just make diapers; one of those nights was right after a snowfall of 20 cm and they both lasted well over 5 hours. With the help of these dedicated women, all 100 sets were complete!

A HUGE Thank-You to:  Nikki Kish, Noel Matchett, Melanie Craig, Vanessa Eves, and Vanessa's freind  (whom I totally forgot your name.....I'm sorry, I'm terrible with names) I just wanted to say that this has been the most amazing experience for me. I posted a small request for flannel on a local swap site and the reaction was amazing! People literally have been leaving fabric at my doorstep and complete strangers come to my house to get fabric to make into diapers and return. I have met some of the most amazing women and am amazed at how my community has responded! I even dedicated portions of profits from my business go straight to buying flannel. I know that this is the beginning of something that not only will help hundreds of families, but has helped me just as much!"  ~Chelsie Rosner

These 200 diapers were donated to Calgary Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta.
3littlethimbles is a Lethbridge home-based business that specializes in sewing and crafts (for babies, kids and a few things for Mom). Portions of all profits go straight to Chelsie's new Teeny Tears addiction!