Everlasting Love -- For Love of Zoe

Thank you again to The Quilted Castle for your donation of beautiful flannel to our cause!  Vanessa, Barbara, Jeannette, and Megan B. -- four of our Salt Lake City Diaper Divas -- transformed your fabric into a beautiful collection of diapers for angel families in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"What if your blessings come through raindrops, what if your healing comes through tears." ~From the song 'Blessings' by Laura Story
"I thought your little diapers were absolutely adorable and I think the more we can give parents a sense of realness to their baby, the more relevance it gives to their grief. People need to realize these are much loved babies that are being lost." ~Michelle, Everlasting Love

We made a donation of diapers to a wonderful bereavement support organization in Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Everlasting Love is a place where you can find others who have been through loss and understand how you feel. We have resources to support you as you make your journey through grief. We supply layettes to women in Moose Jaw and surrounding areas in person and through our local hospitals. These layettes are given so that we mommies have something to keep that was in contact with our babies. I know just how precious and important the memories are that we make in those few moments we have with our babies. I also know that our arms ache to hold something. My aim is to help make those moments as special as I can, to give you something to hold. I want to help you honour your babies and keep their memories alive in your hearts."  ~Michelle, Everlasting Love

132 precious diapers were donated in memory of Zoe Dueck, who was born still at 22 weeks on August 2, 2010.  You can follow her mother's journey and learn more about Zoe's birth on their blog, and visit the the Everlasting Love Facebook page.  (Don't forget to "like" them!)
Zoe's Song

"She should have joined us in mid-December
Maybe played Jesus in the Christmas play
She left us too soon, but we'll love her forever
'Cause she left her little footprints in our hearts

She left her little footprints, her tiny little footprints
She left her little footprints on our hearts

She left her little footprints, her tiny little footprints
She left her little footprints on our hearts

We wanted to hold you and tell you about Jesus
Now He can hold you and tell you about us.
Your mama's heart is breaking, so badly wanting you to hold
'Cause you left your little footprints in our hearts.

Oh, we'll see you soon, I know
As soon as we get to Heaven
But you left your little footprints, your tiny little footprints
You left your little footprints in our hearts.
Left your little footprints in our hearts."

~By Zoe's Daddy

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