For Love of Andrew and the Hudspeth Four

An angel family shares their story of love and loss, and their diapers with angel families in Nevada.

"In The summer of 2010 we went on a anniversary trip to Disney World to celebrate Our 20th Wedding anniversary. When we came home much to our delight, we discovered there was a little souvenir that had come home with us. We were so delighted! We had been trying to add to our family for several years and had given up. I had some of the same difficulties I had suffered with previous pregnancies. Things always worked out and we were positive things would be ok. The baby was growing and everything was looking good. In fact I was measuring 4 weeks ahead.

Sept.29 2010, I lost a very large blood clot and knew this was not my normal bleeding. We rushed to the doctor; they could not find a heart beat. We were sent to a near by hospital for an ultra sound.

In a small room we saw on a screen a still little one. His legs and arms were crossed and his head was bowed. It looked so much like he had said a prayer and gone to sleep. We were in Shock. The complete and utter heart wrenching grief I was feeling put me into labor. It was one of the hardest days of our lives!!

I was afraid to look at our little one. I had seen him sucking his thumb, kicking, twisting, turning. That is how I wanted to remember him. The doctors were not able to find anything wrong. Andrew Elijah was a perfect baby in every way.

We have lost three more pregnancies since that day. Our last little one in July 2012. I am not sure why we were chosen for this trial in life. But I want to turn it into a positive experience, the only way I know how.

It has been very healing for me to cut and sew each of these little diapers. Knowing I can help another family in such a hard time is a comfort to me. I really feel like I was lead to this group to not only make a difference for others, but finally allow myself to let go of a lot of grief and heartache." ~Jana H.

The Hudspeth family made and donated 380 diapers for angel families in Nevada, including Mesa View Regional Medical Center in Mesquite and Summerlin Hospital in In Las Vegas...

As well as Centennial Hills Medical Center in Las Vegas....
And Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas.
These darling diapers have been donated in memory of the Hudspeth children: some in memory of Andrew Elijah Hudspeth, and some in memory of The Hudspeth Four (including Andrew).

Thank you so much, Hudspeth Family, for sharing your story and your gifts of love and compassion.