The Stitch Sanctuary, For Love of the Yeats Babies

Thank you so much to The Stitch Sanctuary for your beautiful flannels!
With lovely fabric from The Stitch Sanctuary, Salt Lake City Diaper Diva Vanessa handcrafted 76 diapers for angel families served by Touro Infirmary in New Orleans, Louisiana.

These diapers were made in memory of the Yeats Babies.  Ally says about her experience with 7 miscarriages and one amazing living son, "I guess more than anything, I'm grateful. Grateful to have Zach. He's my reminder. I am a Mom. God is good. Blessings abound. Life while challenging at times, is wonderful. And you can never give up hope. Hope for momentary lost angel babies and future full arms and hearts."  ~Ally

You can read more of Jason, Ally, and Zach's story here.
All of the fabrics that were used to make these precious diapers for angel families in New Orleans can be found on The Stitch Sanctuary's online shop.

For boys, you can find beaded stripes or stars and dots.
For girls, you can find colorful dots and pink pizza pie.
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