A Christmas Gift and Unexpected Personal Healing

"My parents have been blessed materially and live in a finite space with things they already have and love, so for several years we have chosen to do service projects on their behalf at Christmastime in place of a gift they neither need nor want. To this end, for 2012 we decided to make Teeny Tears diapers in memory of my cousin's angel baby, spending what we would otherwise have spent on a gift, on fabric and supplies. 

Taking advantage of a fantastic fabric sale, we were able to make nearly 50 sets of diapers. Working on them had an unexpected consequence for me personally. Many years ago I had a miscarriage that was traumatic for me and initiated over a decade of physical health problems. At the time, I was unequipped emotionally to grieve in a healthy way and very wrapped up in the physical healing and caring for my young family. 

 As I began work on the Teeny Tears dipes for my parents, I found myself grieving my own child, whom I had named but never been able to hold. So I went back to the fabric store and bought some more fabric for her, and made some in her honor as well. I worked on them privately and found the time spent on them to be healing. In my case, God unexpectedly soothed my own wounds as I tried to soothe others."  ~Jeanine

These diapers have been donated for angel families at St. Peter's Hospital in Helena, Montana and Providence Holy Family of Spokane, Washington.
A Chri