For Love of Everly, Raindrop Memories

Sweet angel mommy Olivia has been cut-cut-cutting diapers for Raindrop Memories for many months.  Recently, she took the sewing plunge!

She hosted an angelversary diaper-making event in memory of her own little angel, Everly Jean Allen, making 500 diapers for angel families.
Everly was taken from us, in a sense, the moment she was given to us. Words can't express how much I miss her, how much I wanted to see her grow up with her big sister, how much joy she would have brought to our lives. For her I do everything because I couldn't do anything. She led me to Teeny Tears & Raindrop Memories. We get the honor of making the lives of grieving families even the slightest bit better because we've been down that road and know the smallest gestures mean the most.
In August 2011 we decided we wanted Shelby to be a big sister.  In October we found out our dream came true! 3 months flew by, Shelby was about to turn 1 & we got the phone call that changed our lives forever. We put on big smiles for Shelby's party & waited anxiously for the appointment. We saw a specialist, he gave us the worst news we will ever hear. Ever. She had anacephaly. No chance of survival. 
January 20th is her angelversary, just shy of 20 weeks. It's her day; she deserves this and so much more. ~Olivia, Everly's mommy
Volunteers working with Raindrop Memories have sewn more than 2500 diapers for angel families so far!  They have donated more than 1300 of those diapers and are ready to spread their angel love to many more facilities in need!