For Love of Jaxon

"These 14 sets of tiny diapers and blankets were hand crafted with love by my dear friend Holly Clark to be donated to St. Peter's Hospital of Helena, Montanta in Jaxon Avner Robson's name.
When my boy was born at just 10.9 ounces he was handed to me with nothing but a full size receiving blanket. These blankets being meant for full term babies seemed quite giant in comparison to my tiny son.

The hospital had nothing for him: not a hat small enough, not a blanket tiny enough, and certainly not a diaper. Holly knew how much these items would mean in my time of grief and made sure that a set of items fitting for such a tiny boy made a speedy journey from her house to my hospital room. This was the only gift my son born an angel ever received.
Each diaper has a tiny orange bow, and they are each packaged in an orange bag with a black bow, the colors of the nursery that never got finished.
Each tiny package will bring a grieving family a moment of comfort... and a lifelong memory... ♥ ~Kelly, Jaxon's mommy