For Love of Max

"At about 16 weeks we learned that an amniotic band had wrapped around the cord as well as our son’s hands, causing Max’s hands to be imperfect. We quickly accepted this and both my husband and I were ready to take our son’s hands into ours and face the challenges that would come his way. Little did we know that it would be Max’s PERFECT hands taking ours and not only helping us through this, but blessing us in so many ways as he returned Home to our Father in Heaven.

This has been the hardest and at times the most peaceful thing I have been through. I’m thankful to have come across Teeny Tears, it is perfect. On days of tears, days where I’m on my knees begging to wake up, these beautiful, little, ever so special diapers have given me a small way to keep my son’s love alive."  ~Megan, Max's mommy

These 76 diapers (38 sets) were donated in  memory of Max Sampson for the angel families at Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, Utah.