For Love of the Tyra Babies

Angel Mommies of Arkansas Part #2

For the love of our Unknown Angel, and our twin girls, Sarah Elizabeth and Jaylee Kalen, the Tyra Babies:

"My name is Maranda, and I feel that Teeny Tears is my ability to serve others that I have been searching for. Here is my story and why I make diapers on behalf of Teeny Tears.

In 2009 my husband and I discovered that we were expecting for the first time. We were thrilled! When we went for our first ultrasound around twelve weeks, we were told that there was no baby. I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum pregnancy and soon after suffered a very scary miscarriage. We had never prevented pregnancy, but have to admit that we were quite scared to try again for a while.

Thanksgiving 2011, we were on our way to my sister’s house in Central, Missouri and I got car sick. I don’t get car sick. So that night we took a pregnancy test and found that we were expecting again. A few weeks later we found out we were expecting twins!!! The pregnancy was fine, of course there was nausea and back pain but I was carrying two babies!! In March, at 19 weeks, I was at work and had started having issues.

We went to the labor and delivery division of our hospital and they checked me and sent me home. The next day went back with more issues, stayed for two days, went back home. When I arrived home, I was having extreme back pain and strange spasms in my bladder region which were actually contractions. Went back to labor and delivery and they couldn’t get contractions to register so they assumed I was experiencing uterine contractions because of a UTI. No one ever checked me to make sure I wasn’t dilated.

My husband came after work to bring me something to eat and the hospital had decided to keep me overnight and give me IV antibiotics. Shortly after that my water broke, and the Dr finally checked to see that I was fully dilated. At that point my world changed forever, my heart broke. The realization that these babies weren’t going to make it, hit me like a ton of bricks. I cried and cried. At 12:30 am on March the 7th, our daughter Sarah Elizabeth was born and we got to hold her as her little heart was still beating. But, to our surprise the other twin, Jaylee, was still intact and her water wasn’t broken and my body had stopped contracting. So we still had hope, we could still have a baby come from this pregnancy. After twelve days of strict bed rest in the hospital things were looking up. I could bathe myself, use the restroom, and felt ok. Then on Friday the 23rd, I started having contractions again. After numerous complications, the next morning at 9:12 am, our daughter Jaylee Kalen was born. She didn’t have a heartbeat, and I felt like I didn’t either. My heart was broken all over again.
I spent several months coming to terms with my girls being in heaven with the Lord. I know that they have everything that I could never have given them and knowing that gives me peace and joy. I am no longer scared to have babies, I know that my next pregnancy will be absolutely fine and I will bring home a healthy full term baby, and I have the Lord to thank for that. 

About a month ago, I met my dear friend, Melissa Newberry through our local hospital SHARE Program for parents who have experienced infant loss. Through her I became a part of Teeny Tears and absolutely love making these diapers in my Angels’ memory. I love being able to serve people who are experiencing this devastating event. I know exactly how they feel, and to receive something as a memento of your baby is precious, it really shows how much people care. God will turn all things to good for those who love Him, and He has done that for me. Thank you to our Unknown Angel, Sarah and Jaylee! Mommy loves you, and because of you I have made lifelong friends and have finally found where the Lord would have me to serve others. I work with Angel Mommies of Arkansas and below are my portion of diapers that I am providing to Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas -- our first donation.

Thirty three sets of diapers 1/3 boy 1/3 girl 1/3 neutral

For the Love of our Angel Baby Tyra, Sarah Elizabeth Tyra and Jaylee Kalen Tyra"  ~Maranda Tyra, mommy to the Tyra Babies