Jonathan's Joys

Kaitlin's Angels sent us some sweet flannel pieces that we were able to transform into diapers for Jonathan's Joys.
These diapers were handcrafted by SLC Diaper Divas Vanessa, Domonique, and Megan B (that's me!) in loving memory of Jonathan Alexander Tillman of Jonathan's Joys.  Jonathan's Joys makes memory boxes and bags for local hospitals to pass on to new angel mommies and daddies.
"The mission of Jonathan's Joys is to bring small memento's to families like myself who have to face losing a child, whether it be from stillbirth, miscarriage, or infant loss. Jonathan's Joys main mission is to bring small joys to these families so they do not have to walk out of the hospital empty handed." ~Jennifer, Jonathan's mommy

To read more about Jonathan, who passed away at 2 months and 20 days old, please click here.
Thank you, Kaitlin's Angels, for making this donation possible!