For Love of Douglas, Benoit Designs for The Preemie Project

Thanks to Benoit Designs, we were able to donate another collection of designer diapers for angel families.  This lovely collection was donated to The Preemie Project.
"Douglas was my parents' first born, about 3 months early, weighing 2 lbs 1 oz. I think I was in elementary school when I found out about him. My mom is not a person to open up about things like this. I also saw his baby book, and his tiny little footprint. I remember crying because I had a brother that died who I'd never meet on earth. Whenever I make it to the cemetery in my hometown I visit his grave also.  

Having a son of my own, I cannot begin to imagine going through a loss. Sometimes it is hard to understand God's plan. My nieces and nephews know about Douglas too. My niece Ella, 7 at the time, kept telling me I should name my son Douglas. Little did she know we had chosen his name for our son's middle name. Douglas would be 42 years old if he had survived. Sometime I wonder, and my dad has voiced his same feelings too, about what he would be doing today. I wonder what he would look like. My two older brothers look quite a bit different from each other. I will always love the brother I've never met." ~Stephanie, sister to an angel

These 112 diapers for The Preemie Project have been handmade by SLC Diaper Divas Vanessa and Megan in loving memory of Douglas Wayne Goldinger.
Thank you so much, Benoit Designs, for your generous contribution to our diapering cause!
And thank you to The Preemie Project, for the great work you do for the families you serve!