For Love of Alaina, The Quilted Castle

Thank you, Quilted Castle, for making another donation of diapers possible!

These diapers have been handcrafted by SLC Diaper Divas Janna and Vanessa, in memory of Alaina Lillian Hart, Janna's daughter.  They have been donated to St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon...
With teeny little blankets
and OHSU Doernbecher's Children's Hospital of Portland.
"Alaina Lillian Hart was born Sept 27th 2011 at 7:12 am.  She was 23 weeks 5 days gestation. The doctor said that my placenta had torn. As far as we can tell there was no reason for it. They told me that had I been drinking, on drugs, or taken a bad fall, those are things that would have caused my placenta to tear. But I had done none of those things.

Alaina was breathing with just a c-pap for the first day or so then was put on a ventilator. Around the 3rd day of her life, she was not doing very well on the vent. The doctor on duty suggested pulling the vent and letting her go peacefully. I knew that I could not do that. I made the decision to leave her on the vent. Luckily they just had to adjust the vent and she started breathing so much better. 

For the six weeks that Alaina was at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, OR, things were very rocky. She did good for a few days then she would have trouble with her breathing. She had kidney problems for a little while and could not produce urine. She was being given breast milk for a while then they took her off of it. The day that my sweet Angel turned six weeks old the doctor on duty thought that she might need surgery. They did not have a surgeon at the hospital so they flew her to Portland to the children's hospital there. I had talked to the doctors and surgeons and residents and medical students that kept coming to look at her. They had said that they wanted to do an exploratory surgery to see if there was something in her stomach. She had not been given breast milk for about 2 weeks and her stomach kept growing and becoming hard. I was very scared about this surgery that she would be having. One of the Residents told me that because of her ultrasounds and xrays, they did not think that they would find any thing and that she would be just fine. I was not prepared for what happened. 

When the Surgeon came out of the O.R. and called me back to one of the rooms to tell me that my daughter had no viable bowel and there was nothing they could do for her I was in shock. I did not know that he was saying that my baby was going to die. He said that if she had even 30cm or 12in he would be able to do something for her. She would have had to have more surgeries in her life but she would be ok. On Nov 11th 2011 my baby was rushed from the O.R. on life support to a private room in the NICU where I could be with her for the last moments of her life. As soon as they stopped bagging her and pulled the tube from her throat, my Alaina died. They handed me my baby and I held her for the next 18 hours. I choose to believe that she took her last breaths in my arms. We were able to bring our sweet angel home to Utah thanks to my younger brother. I am so lucky to have my baby up the street from me." ~Janna, Alaina's Mommy
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