Sawyer's Heart Part #2

Sawyer's Heart was one of the very first bereavement support organizations that we donated our teeny diapers to last year. We were honored to make another donation for their needs recently as they continue to serve the families of Chicagoland in memory of Sawyer Erik Williams
"Sawyer Erik Williams was born on June 1, 2010 - at 28 weeks gestation and exactly three months before his due date. Just two days later on June 3, 2010, Sawyer died in his mother's arms.

Sawyer's life was cut drastically short by a congenital heart defect. He was diagnosed with a severe form of Tetralogy of Fallot and had many complications including a large hole between his left and right ventricles called a "ventricular septal defect" and "pulmonary atresia" - an extremely rare CHD in which the pulmonary valve does not form.

 Sawyer's spirit lives on in the hearts of many who he touched so deeply in his brief life. May this [project] be of comfort to other mothers, fathers, grandparents and families who have experienced the deep pain of infant loss." ~Michelle, Sawyer's mommy

The Northwest Diaper Dreamers 160 diapers for 80 families served by Sawyer's Heart.  Thank you, NWDD!!
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