A Little Thunder Part #2

Once upon a time, our headquarters made a donation of 240 diapers in memory of Isaac Thor Bryson, the angel inspiration behind A Little Thunder.  A Little Thunder is a marvelous bereavement support organization located in Missouri that provides comfort boxes to local parents experiencing unexpected tragedy from the loss of a baby, either before or shortly after birth.  You can read all about Isaac's story by clicking here.

They loved our diapers so much that they enlisted the assistance of their local Young Women of the Warrensburg Stake Girls Camp to create more!

"This summer I was asked for the second year in a row to be the craft coordinator for our Young Women's Camp in the Warrensburg, Missouri Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am a crafter at heart, so this has been a very fitting assignment. I actually received the first year's assignment in 2011 a few short weeks after Isaac silently entered this world on March 4, 2011. They had been needing a craft coordinator, but they did not ask me because I was due to deliver right about the time that camp would be happening. After Isaac's death, I was approached by a friend who wondered if it would be something I might be interested in. She was mindful of my loss, but wanted to give me the opportunity if I felt up to it. I love the Young Women, and I just knew I could step out of my poor pitty party to serve a little and brighten my spirit. It really was great for me and helped take the focus off of what I thought should be happening in my life.

Fast forward to 2012. I was invited once again to be the craft coordinator. However, when the assignment came, no one knew I was 22 weeks pregnant with our sweet rainbow baby and would have a 6-week-old baby girl when camp would be happening. However, I felt a great desire to accept the assignment and just bring the baby with me. I then joined the camp committee and started receiving emails about what their plans were for the big event. One email I received mentioned the need to find a service project that the girls could do at camp. I thought briefly about our family's organization, A Little Thunder, but my mind just kept saying Teeny Tears. I pushed the thought aside for a few days but it just wouldn't go away. My justification was that they surely already had another project on their radar and didn't need my ideas. But the thought didn't go away, so I wrote the email. The response was incredible! They were so excited to learn about Teeny Tears and help us out! The first night of camp, my husband and I presented A Little Thunder and Teeny Tears to the girls and leaders. They were so excited to help us out. We completed about 50 diapers, start to finish, and had over 300 somewhere in the process by the time camp was finished. One of the adult leaders made it her personal feat to sew 100 diapers before she left camp, and that she did!

Some are set to go to a few local rural hospitals here in mid-Missouri, but there were extras. When a call was posted on Facebook for volunteers to send to a hospital in Maine, I felt a need to get these diapers out to them. We have family in Maine and vacationed there last year. We love that part of the country and wanted to leave a little mark there. The girls of our stake LOVE Teeny Tears and the mission of dressing these sweet babies.

During a workday recently (seen below), a group of these same girls helped package the diapers we needed for this donation as well as pull together some little projects for A Little Thunder's Comfort Boxes. These girls had so much fun and were such a joy to work with. They are always so willing and helpful! Thank you Warrensburg Stake Young Women for being an amazing bunch of youth."  ~Pam, angel mommy to Isaac

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