Diapers from Sarah

Teeny Tears volunteer Sarah shares why she became involved in our project.

"Almost exactly five years ago, on February 23rd to be exact, I was involved in a really tragic roll over car accident. I broke out my right eye socket floor and back, had my eyelids severely severed, my tear duct was severed, everything in my right eye area was a serious mess but I did not lose my vision. I spent a few days waiting for surgery with my parents by my side. During the accident, I was conscious and I logically thought through way too much information regarding if I was dying, that this was my final moment, how my mom always said "take care of your pretty face" and what about my parents. I remember thinking about the fact that someone would have to tell my parents that I died. I thought about them getting the phone call and then just staring in my room knowing that I'm never coming home to them. It makes me cry just typing this. It made me feel guilty that I'd be leaving them. I felt guilty and sad that I was about to call them to say it had been a great day and we're coming home. I felt terrified that I'd never see them again. But I did survive what I believed were my final traumatic moments and my parents came to my aid and did everything they could to be by me and help me in every way.

I'm not a parent, but the thought of being a parent and losing a child is simply terrifying and so sorrowful to me. I saw the fear and sorrow in my parents face that they had almost lost me. So when I came across Teeny Tears almost 2 months ago, I was so overwhelmed by everyone's personal stories and these tiny babies that are someone's child, that I had to get involved. I can't even imagine being a mom and losing my baby before I even get to meet her/him. I haven't lost a baby but this community has helped my personal recovery.

So, to all of these mommies and daddies that are ailing, I'm so very sorry and please keep strong. You are so strong and amazing and inspiring. Continue to heal and grow and know that you are not alone. Ever. There are so many selfless people in this community right here alone that are ready and willing to be your shoulder. Just reading this page and seeing the amazing people here has shown me that there are still so many good hearted people in the world. Please keep going. It's simply amazing and I want to thank all of you so much. So sooooo much. I can't even find strong enough words."  
~Sarah, friend to angel families everywhere

Sarah donated a year supply of diapers to her local hospital of Los Robles Regional Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California.
She then adopted two requests off of our headquarters waiting list, including:

Allegiance Health in Jackson, Michigan
And St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, California