For Love of Jonathan

I had the very sweet privilege of returning to the neighborhood where we lived when my boys were born, to share the Teeny Tears project with the Slate Canyon 15th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Provo, Utah.  They lovingly cared for our family during the tender months after our loss and we owe them our gratitude forever.  On this special reunion night, we sewed diapers in memory of angel prince Jonathan Blake Brookes, stillborn at full term and dearly loved by his parents and siblings.  ~Megan B.

I love the thought that other families are receiving these diapers in Jonathan's memory and honor. I hope that they help to comfort people during what is surely one of the hardest moments in life. I really wish that I could somehow ensure that every person that goes through this trial has the chance to hear about the Plan of Salvation and to hear testimony borne by others who have gone through it that Heavenly Father loves us, there is life after death, and that families can be together forever.  It pains me to think of people losing loved ones too soon and believing that's the end. ~Misty, mother to Jonathan

Misty and I took some time to share our personal experiences with infant loss that night with our friends and sisters before we all set to work making diapers for angel families.

My friend and angel mama Misty, Megan B (that's me!) and Carrie, auntie to Jonathan and diaper-making enthusiast.
Some of the Salt Lake City Diaper Divas traveled south for the event to lend their expertise -- and to have an excuse to get together to make diapers!
The 350 diapers made by the Slate Canyon 15th Ward -- started at the event and finished in homes -- were donated to our headquarters in memory of Jonathan Blake Brookes.  We donated their diaper treasures to 5 facilities on our waiting list across the United States. 

They traveled to Penn State Hershey Medical Center
New York Presbyterian University Hospital in New York, New York
Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot, Idaho
And Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, Idaho
For Jonathan...
THANK YOU, Slate Canyon 15th Ward for your devoted service to angel families and all of the many ways in which you have supported those of us that have lost loved ones while living in your midst.