For Love of Joshua

"Joshua is my 6th child. He was born on December 13th,2012, he lived for 3 minutes. Joshua's life although so very short will help other mothers receive the gift of a diaper for her child. Joshua was born because my water broke at 19 weeks. Less than 48 hours later I was in full unstoppable labor. He weighed just 10 ounces and was 10 inches long. While in the hospital I kept thinking "my baby has no clothes" but I knew there was nothing small enough to fit him. (Or so I thought) we did have blankets though and Joshua was wrapped in a monkey blanket to be buried in. But oh how I wish we had a diaper.

We stumbled upon teeny tears when I was searching the Internet for blankets to make and donate in memory of Joshua. Everything we got in our memory box meant so much to us and I wanted to give back. When I saw the pictures of Teeny Tear diapers on the Internet I knew I would make them I just needed some help.

I called my mom and sent her a picture. I have never even wanted to learn to sew, but my mother has been doing it her whole life. We made a deal. I would cut, she would sew, I would pin. We had decided to make them just for the hospital that I delivered Joshua at. Then I connected with some wonderful ladies on Facebook and started reading the blog and realized that I would be doing this for a lot of moms and a lot of hospitals. And I am learning how to sew. This one hospital project has turned into more than I ever imagined and we are adding in the matching blankets soon.

Every person should have clothes. And after all, 'A person's a person, no matter how small' ~Crystal, mommy to Joshua
These diapers were donated in memory of Joshua Henson Greer for families at Mayer's Memorial Hospital in Fall River Mills, California