For Love of Kaleb

"In my 18th week of my second pregnancy with my son, Kaleb, I was put on bedrest because I had ruptured membranes. I initially was put on bedrest at the home of my wonderful inlaws(they helped take care of my then 4 year old, Olivia). At 24 weeks my doctor admitted me to a Great Falls, MT hospital for what was to be the remainder of my bedrest. A day later, my doctor, placed me in the care of his colleague, which required a life flight out of Great Falls to Billings, MT 245 miles away.

It was rough being away from my husband and daughter for days at a time, but it was great that I got to be near my brothers and friends, who did take time out of their days to spend time with me during my stay. My husband and daughter were able to visit me every weekend. I almost made it to my 30th week when my body couldn't hold Kaleb in any longer. My doctor made the decision that they would take him out via cesarean section. 

On May 3, 2012, Kaleb Ryan Hodges was born. He weighed 3 lbs & 1oz , a tiny little man. He cried at birth, and we had hope. Unfortunately as the hours passed, we were told that Kaleb's lungs were just not developed enough for him to survive and he was declining at a rapid pace. My husband and I spent the last few hours holding him, loving him in his short time we got to have him on earth. Kaleb passed away 13 hours, 13 minutes after his birth. 

Having him and losing him within 24 hours was really tough on me and my family. We had spent over two years trying to get pregnant, and our hearts were shattered when we lost him. Although he is no longer on this Earth, Kaleb is a very special and lasting presence in our lives. We remember him daily and there isn't a day that my family and I dont miss him. But we know he is not suffering and he is our special guardian angel." ~Andrea, Kaleb's mommy

Andrea's friend and Teeny Tears volunteer Holly handcrafted and donated 35 sets of diapers (70 diapers) in memory of Kaleb Hodges for angel families served by Billing's Hospital Clinic in Billings, Montana.