For Love of Asher Part #3 and #4

"Working on bereavement items such as teeny tiny diapers, small crocheted blankets and little hats and gowns is the most productive time I have ever spent. Connecting with other women who have suffered similar losses has been (aside from my faith and a supportive family) the key to my healing. You cannot put a price tag on being able to talk with another woman who says, "I have been there, it sucks but you can make it through this". The first donation we made was almost to the date of Asher's due date. I got a pit in my stomach the moment I step foot into the Labor and Delivery unit and wanted to run out of there as fast as I could. After meeting the L & D manager, being able to talk with one of our nurses and several others it was clear to see we were making a difference and in turn our son's albeit brief life has made a difference.
Fast forward five months and this time I am at a less familiar hospital making a similar donation. This time it was just me, there was no excitement or expressed appreciation from the staff, but my initial thought as I walked away from the NICU was on that day at that exact moment there were cheers in heaven. Cheers from my son, and all the other babies whose lives mean only something to a select few. Infant death is not something people openly talk about, I think the very thought makes people feel too sad, too vulnerable. The need is great and unfortunately this is something which happens all the time. The time commitment is minimal and the joy and healing which can occur is immeasurable." ~Lisette, Angel Mama to Asher

Lisette's beautiful bereavement gifts have been donated in memory of Asher Charles McKinley for families served by Overlake and Evergreen hospitals in the Seattle, Washington area.

To read more about Lisette's project in memory of Asher, please click here.  To follow the many adventures of Lisette and Cameron, follow their blog!